This weather is legit fucked up. Freezing damn rain for two days. Luckily we’ve only had the power blip once.

Outside of that. I am beyond exhausted. I open my writing program and before I can even get to the file, I’m nearly drooling. I want to go to sleep for a while and hibernate. This winter weather is for the birds. Penguins mostly I figure.

Not sure if I need a week of sleep, a bucket of coffee or what right now. Perhaps I need to be cloned (oh god, more than one of me in the world. That is a scary thought) so I can take care of a toddler, write, do all the household chores and maybe get some rest for at least one of myselves.

Ah well. Time to get up and at least try to face the day, right? No? Can I go back to bed? Is today cancelled?

No? Damn.

Can I Hibernate?
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