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I am Broken

It is said that when you’re not supposed to do something, no matter how much you want it, the universe will send you hints – from physical hints (like pain and a gut feeling you’re wrong), to Murphy’s Law being the rule of the day. Well, I’m here to admit I’m broken. I have been […]

Classic Mustang Car

When They Live…

Yesterday, on my personal page, I posted a Tumblr post image. I also posted it to my own page, so it is there as well.   It got a few of us talking. Sometimes it’s like they are there, they are sentient. I mean, we¬†know they’re just figments of our imaginations, but sometimes they are […]

pain pills

I have returned….

So, I had to take a week off – I have the shoulder pain from hell, and other things in my life have kept me from being able to write. Until I get a way to consistently get my scribbles on my iPad onto my computer (trust me, sometimes gibberish is too kind to call […]


Finding Your Way Back to You

I have been bullied for as long as I can remember. Sometimes it was by family (not my parents folks, leave them the fuck out of this), most of the time it was by people I went to school with, and some I considered friends. I knew early that I wasn’t “normal” like everyone else. […]

Turkey Day Canada!

Happy Turkey Day from Canada! No official post today. I’m thankful for the following people: My parents Rosemary and Gary for supporting me in more ways than enough! My husband Gregory for supporting me, and helping with our little miss. My editor Cait Gordon of Dynamic Canvas. My extended family, both blood and spiritual. Wela’lin. […]