Hi There!

I see you’ve found your way to my little corner of the internet. You’ve probably figured out by now that I’m Amy M. Young (you can call me Amy).
I’m a writer, photographer, musician and general geeky/nerdy person with a permanent case of wanderlust.
I’m the mother of the Kidlet, and all my parenting adventures with her are available over at Shiny Mommy.

I also have ADHD, OCD, Clinical Depression and chronic pain/illness (currently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia), and I often talk about my journeys in mental health – and trying to keep my sense of humour.

When I’m writing, my main project is the adventures of a merry band of idiots, er, musicians in a band called Torrent. I also write some feminist speculative fiction and have this strange fantasy novel that I’m working on as well.

Also, if you’ve noticed the extra “u”‘s in things – I’m an unapologetic Canadian. :D

So enjoy your stay and check out the blog.